Grab the Family Kindness Kit!

What if kindness is not just something we do, what if it’s a way of life? How can we discover our kind life together? I didn’t really know it at the time but my family has taught me so much about how to be kind, how kindness can be an adventure, how kindness has the power to change everything. Sometimes it’s nice to have a starting point, a little guide of sorts or even a little light shown on the kindness you are brewing all around. We hope the Family Kindness Kit may be that for you and your gang.

The Family Kindness Kit is a playful approach to kindness through stories, missions and activities for parents and kids of all ages. Discover what kindness your family is holding, what it wants to share with your community and how family love can change and care for our world! 

You can download your kit here.

If you grab a kit to download, show and share your experiences in pictures on our Guerrilla Goodness Flickr pool and send us your stories of learning about kindness together to We will be featuring families and sharing their ideas on once a month, it would be awesome if that family is YOU GUYS!