Kindness Text Missions!

Do you LOVE, L-O-V-E, love spontaneous kindness!   Now you can text “kindness” to (407) 900-KIND and I’ll send you a kindness text mission! I know, so fun right?!

Consider it your very own Kindness Roulette!

Some things to keep in mind:

1.   Be safe! Do public kindness missions in pairs. It’s more fun that way!

2.   Be respectful! I’m not gonna tell you to do anything too crazy but be aware of people’s space    and property. Don’t damage anyone’s stuff or go somewhere you shouldn’t.

3.   Go at your own risk. Here’s my required legal liability mumbo jumbo-

Participation at your own risk

By participating in any kindness mission texted by Kindnessgirl or Patience Salgado  you accept that your participation in the events is at your own responsibility and your own risk in every respect. You accept that you cannot claim any kind of damages, indemnification or any other compensation for personal injury, damage to property or any other loss, including any kind of indirect loss in connection with your participation in the kindness mission, from Patience Salgado , sponsors, staff or partners, unless you are subjected to any kind of injury or loss due to gross negligence on the part of Patience Salgado. Kindnessgirl, Patience Salgado cannot be held liable for negligence displayed by independently participating third parties or the local authorities prior to, during, or after the kindness mission. If you are injured in any way due to your participation in a kindness mission, you are also prevented from claiming damages, indemnification or any other kind of compensation.

(I do believe we are protected by the intent of our hearts and kindness but we must also be discerning and wise! Much joy and safety as you perform your acts of kindness.)